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Passionate About Inspiring Others

NC-Recruitment is a recruitment Agency with multiple services to help get you closer to your dream job. 

Recruitment, CV Creation, Interview Techniques

A well organised and generalist recruiter who has worked in some of the most globalised organisations delivering talented people, whether you are an IT professional, Finance, Human Resources or within the Hospitality industry we will be able to provide you with guidance and Job Opportunities. 

We can help provide the talent for your organisations whether you are a start-up or an established organisation with over 12 years of expert advice. We guarantee to serve you with the best and competitive prices and support.

We offer three different services to enable you to get the most out of us. With our background being within the HR and Recruitment sector we have the advice you require to move forward.

1. We can help you recruit talented candidates from our amazing talent pool at fantastic competitive prices.

2. We can find amazing roles and opportunities and fit you to the perfect job and to help your career.

3. Finally we can adapt your CV and prepare you for your interviews at just a small cost - we will spend 1 hour with you going through your amazing achievements and teaching you those all important interview techniques. 


​"Natasha is a very experienced recruiter that can cover various areas from Finance, HR to Hospitality. I find her to be meticulously organised, she engages with all her clients and takes care with her candidates and very on the ball! Natasha will always strive hard to find you the best candidates"


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